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How To Play

Get entries

Select the number of entries you wish to purchase. A picture that has had the ball removed from it will appear.

Click to pick

Using your skill and judgement, Click on the picture where you think the centre of the missing ball is and if you wish to change your mind , click on the 'Reset Button' to start again


This will produce a red mark on the picture and a set of coordinates which can be viewed just below the picture. You may at this point, change your selection by clicking on "Reset Game" next to the coordinates.


Once you have selected as many marks as entries purchased, click the "Play Now" button to pay for your entries.

How Can We Help You?

Hopefully this site is easy to navigate and work out what you have to do but if you have a question about something please see our FAQ´s or feel free to contact us on the Contact us link below.

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How to win-me-now

This bits real easy just decide after browsing the prizes, which competitions you would like to enter and then follow the instructions.....easy as that :-)

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Get in contact with us

If there is something that you are not sure of or we have not answered in the FAQ´s section we are happy to receive an email from you.

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